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BORN FROM THE FIRE.... From Fear to Freedom
March 4-11, 2024
(Itinerary and location in Baja will differ from previous retreat) Details coming SOON

HEART SONG...  Discovering TRUE Self Love
Gray Whale Baja Retreat
Facilitated by Beth Keough and the Beloved Whales!

February 26 ~ March 3, 2022

Magdalena Bay Baja, Mexico

  • How freeing would it be to love and accept yourself fully, embracing the true magnificence of who you REALLY are?

  • What would it feel like to stand steadily in your confident, empowered self and embody the very best version of YOU?

  • Imagine for a moment, waking up each morning feeling happy, alive, inspired and in~love with YOU!

The whales are Gentle Giants...  their unconditional love is so pure and powerful that being in their presence will impact you forever!  They will truly guide you to see the TRUTH of who you really are, assisting in opening your heart to reveal to you your own magnificence.  In their presence, a new way of living, loving and liberation emerges for you to embody.  LOVE OF SELF!


It is my promise that if you are called to join us on this life changing Journey, that you will walk away with empowered tools and a new found way of Being!  This very well may change the way you perceive and experience yourself forever!  With fresh new eyes to see the TRUTH!!

the gray whales ~ magdalena bay


Our Journey Begins

Imagine yourself after a deep and rejuvenating nights sleep at the quaint Isabella Hotel, you arrive at Magdelena Bay.  You take your first step onto the beach.  Your senses heighten as you take in the scents and sounds of the beautiful ocean.  You've arrived!  A flock of birds soar gently overhead, bidding you hello.

Your anticipation heightens as you're greeted by many friendly faces who lead you to the waters edge where a nearby boat awaits.  As you board, you happen to notice out of the corner of your eye, an enormous gray whale breaching out of the water!  It takes your breath away... "So Beautiful!" you say aloud, as the sun's reflections gently glisten and dance upon the water.


This is one of those special moments in your life when a knowing washes over you...  everything aligns and you realize that you and your life will never be the same and this is just the beginning!

Gentle Giants


When you find yourself eye to eye with a whale, the feeling is indescribable and before you realize it, tears have filled your eyes and your heart has blasted wide open!!!   


The whales literally swim right up to the boats.  With just a reach of your hand, you can touch, hug and kiss these incredible Beings!!  Sometimes a mama whale will swim under their calf and lift her baby directly up to the boat, offering it up so everyone can meet and greet her baby!  This is the most profound act of trust that I have ever witnessed!  


These gentle giants love playing and interacting with us!  They emit such an enormous field of unconditional love and JOY, Imparting a priceless gift...  The keys to unlock our hearts.  Finally discovering what it means to Truly love the Self.

The Baja Sur in Mexico holds such a unique offering... it is the only location in the world where these friendly whales willingly and eagerly seek out  interaction with humans, up close and personal in their own natural environment. 


Magical Magdalena Bay is the 2nd largest Bays in the world and it can have up to 1,500 migrating Gray Whales in it at one time!  Here, the whales come to play, conceive and birth their precious young.  The white sand dunes and lush mangroves are far reaching, stretching up to 35 to 40 miles long which attracts thousands beautiful birds!  

Daily Adventures


We'll venture out on the water daily, where you'll have the amazing privilege of spending intimate time with the beloved whales and their babies.  They are such incredible Beings!  In their presence, you'll become aware of subtle shifts within yourself that propel you forward on your own unique journey, opening to the magnificence of who you really are... softening any resistance to fully loving yourself. 


The whales have so much deep wisdom to impart to us... and for those who allow themselves to open and receive all the whales have to share, their impact will be profound and long lasting!

Our adventures will take us to Bird Island Sanctuary where we'll have the opportunity to witness hundereds even thousands of sea birds.  Their sound is almost deafening!  Rare photos can be captured and cherished.

We'll explore breathtaking white sand dunes on an expansive secluded beach.  As you make your way along the waters edge, your feet sink into the soft, warm sand and to your delight, you may discover gorgeous seashells... the oceans treasures along the way!  The tranquil waters may call you in for a swim... revitalizing and renewing. 

As we make our way back to Camp, perhaps we'll encounter a visit from our dolphin friends who invite our childlike nature to come out and PLAY!

And in your free time, you may enjoy the kayaks and paddle boards that are readily available for your pleasure, allowing you to explore more of the beautiful bay!

 Island Whale Camp


IMG_1394 (1).jpg

Its been a day full of surprises and miracles.  Imagine yourself, after enjoying a scrumptious homecooked meal, relaxing on your shaded wooden deck over looking the ocean.  You hear the call of the seagulls circling overhead as you witness the sun slowly making its way toward the horizon.  You drink in this magical moment, realizing you haven't felt this nourished and peaceful for a very long time.   


You make your way into your spacious, comfy tent and tuck yourself into your cozy bed.  Pulling your blanket up under your chin, you close your eyes and you find yourself being lulled to sleep by the gentle, melodic breath of the sleeping whales nearby.

The beautiful Magdalena Bay Whale Camp offers very comfortable Kodiak Campus tents, with tall ceilings that you can stand up right in. Each has a 20x20 shaded wooden deck with chairs to relax in overlooking the beautiful Bay.  Retreat price based on shared room accomodations.  Single occupancy available for additional cost.

You may catch glimpses of whales passing by and take in the beauty of the vibrant sunsets each evening.  Star gazing is so profound as the tapestry of the night sky is clear and bright!  Breath taking! 
The tents are furnished with either 1 queen size bed or 2 single beds with sheets and blankets provided.  
There is running water for hand washing, camp style flushing toilets and daily hot showers available.  Glamping at its BEST!

Delectable Delights
Red Chili Pepper

Picture yourself waking up to a spectacular vista of the sunrise, calm ocean waters and the smell of fresh coffee and tea brewing.  Freshly squeezed orange juice being prepared from organic local fruits. Enjoying the suns gentle rays warming up the day as you choose your favorite option of Baja's traditional homemade breakfast made especially for you at our very own Island Whale Camp restaurant.  


Beautiful meals will be prepared, sure to please everyone's palate.  Delectible authentic Mexican dishes will be created, including homemade corn and flour tortillas and guacamole.  For the seafood lover, this is your dream come true! 


During the months of February and March, shrimp and lobster are caught abundantly by the local fisherman along with other divine fish you may savor.  Special diet?  There are vegetarian/vegan and gluten free options available upon request.  

Relax, unwind, dine and share your adventures from the day with your new friends.



Life Enhancing Practices and Teachings



Since early childhood, Beth has had an intimate connection with the beautiful whales and dolphins, allowing her to be the Voice for these magnifecent Beings. Their gentle and loving transmissions genuinely and profoundly support our individual and collective journey of Awakening.

During our powerful time together, Beth will share simple teachings that empower you to create your own reality and the life of your dreams.  As you learn to work deliberately with the laws of the universe, you'll discover that the 'secret' we've all been looking for is so simple... GET HAPPY!  When  you are selfish enough to 'Love Yourself First', putting FEELING GOOD as your highest priority, all else simply falls into place.  

We'll gather together each day to apply and integrate these simple processes, practices, teachings, breath work and meditation... and with assitance from the whales, you'll experience a new found state of well-being, alignment, balance, empowerment and 

True Love Of Self!

As the Beloved whales sing to us their Ancient songs of the Heart, the songs of remembrance... Their gift is one of activation and awakening, a deep knowing that has laid dormant for so long. A stirring emerges from within, as the gentlest whisper arises... your heart quickens to the sound that reveals the hidden Truth.  You Realize this melody is a language, a song, singing freely from your heart!  It's unique, It's beautiful, It's your own HEART'S SONG, that you, beautiful you can now sing for all to hear!!  

You'll fly into Loretto Mexico, where a shuttle will pick you up and carry you and your fellow retreat travelers to Magdalena Bay area where we'll stay our first night at a sweet hotel, The Isabella. We'll enjoy a lovely dinner together, meeting and greeting the beautiful tribe family who has gathered for this AMAZING Journey!


Interested in joining us?

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There are 4 payment options to choose from:

Click the drop down feature

(Your payment holds your spot on the Retreat)

  • Early Bird non-refundable Deposit $750 (If you choose this option, you must contact Beth right away to set up payment plan)

  • Early Bird-PAY IN FULL 

  • Early Bird Single Supplement non-refundable deposit $750  (If you choose this option, you must contact Beth right away to set up payment plan)

  • Early Bird Single Supplement PAY-IN FULL

(If you would like your own hotel room and tent throughout the retreat, choose the single supplement option for an additional fee)

Get Early Bird Pricing thru Dec 21, 2021 ~  $1919

Full Retreat Cost from Dec 22 thru Feb 11, 2022 ~ $2222

HEART SONG... Discovering True Self Love

Gray Whale Baja Retreat ~ Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

February 26-March 3, 2022 

5 Nights, 6 Days


Are you a full body YES??!!
Then let's reserve your spot!


Retreat Includes:

  • All meals included with the exeption of 2 dinners, 1 lunch and 1 breakfast

  • 5 nights accomodations-1 night Isabella Hotel-3 nights Island Whale Camp- 1 luxury hotel in Loreto

  • Shuttle van transport from Loreto to Magdalena Bay/From Magdalena Bay to Loreto

  • Boat Transports to and from Island Whale Camp

  • Daily boat rides-allowing exclusive time with the whales and access to Bird Island, remote white sanddunes with private beach to explore and  swim, special visit to a small fishing village 

  • Free access to kayaks and paddle boards during free time for the duration of our stay at Island Whale Camp

  • All Beth's teachings, whale messages and transmissions, practices and meditations throughout retreat 

  • Covid Test to return to US


  • Flights to and from Loreto

  • 2 dinners, 1 lunch and 1 breakfast

  • Upon arrival, a short cab ride from the Loreto airport to our meeting spot in Loreto. Upon departure,  a short cab ride from the Luxury Hotel in Loreto to the airport

  • TIPS:  for Shuttle Van Drivers to and from Magdalena Bay whale camp, Tips for Boat Drivers- given to them directly at the conclusion of the final whale boat excursion, Tips for the Camp Staff (this includes the chef and waitstaff at restaurant etc. given at end of retreat)  A Tip for the Maids at the Isabella Hotel

  • Any additional days a retreat member chooses to stay before or after retreat

  • Spending money for souveniers, shopping, additional snacks

  • Alcoholic beverages

  •  Travel Insurance and Trip cancelation insurance is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  World Nomad Travel Insurance is highly recommended



  • Registration deposits (minus $100 USD re-listing fee) are transferable to another attendee found and assigned by original attendee.

  • Full balance due 4 weeks and 4 days before Retreat start date

  • Cancellation requests submitted within 30 days of retreat date, 50% of total amount (less deposit will be refunded)

  • Within 14 days of your Retreat; no refunds given.

  • Any refunds allowed will incur a 3% processing fee.

No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur.  We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance and it is your responsibility to read and fully understand our cancellation policies.  Exceptions can not be made.  Including weather, injury, illness or personal emergencies.  No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat or for arriving late or leaving early.  We strongly recommend you purchase your own travel insurance.  We encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance in order that your trip fees will be covered should you or your family have a medical problem, prior to your trip or while on your trip.  Trip insurance should also be purchased to cover medical expenses in the event you have an accident while on the retreat.  Most travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation.  We reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate participant interest, in which the monies paid toward the retreat are transferable to the rescheduled retreat.  Joyful Journeys LLC can not be held responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or Retreat Cancellations.

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