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Meet Beth

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I have spent the last 15 years in my practice as a Coach, Shaman and Retreat facilitator, supporting individuals on their journey toward manifesting the most Amazing version of themselves and their lives. 


1 and I/2 years ago, after experiencing a heavily contrasting period in my life, I received a very clear message...


"Everyone can Birth themselves and their children Ecstactically through JOY ~ free of suffering and pain."   



In that moment, my life took a massive  turn toward a whole new trajectory and I knew I'd  never be the same!

I have  felt a TRUTH deep down, that we don't have to suffer needlessly...  Yet I had spent the last 17 years taking people directly into their pain in order to "clear it".   An endless cycle of trying to 'fix and heal'.  What freedom it was to finally realize I didn't have to continue trying to fix myself and others.  Little did I know that my approach to healing was amplifying and perpetuating the issues we were actually trying 'to clear'!  

I have 3 beautiful grown children and once again, I innately knew that there is a way for women to give birth, free of fear and pain, I just didn't know how!  

My world opened up and I was led to the answers, to guide and assist women and couples in birthing their precious babies Ecstatically and the keys to Birthing the greatest version of themselves and their lives through the pathway of JOY. 


My husband and I began dedicating each day to the implementation of these simple processes and practices.  With the Laws of the Universe working on our behalf, our lives continue to transform into the reality we have always dreamt of... and it's only the beginning.

So empowering to know we are truly the Creators of our own reality!

My intimate and long standing connection with the Dolphins and Whales is a precious one.  Their gentle ways and loving presence emulates to us the keys to living and manifesting a life we have always envisioned... simply, through finding our alignment, through balance, love and joy.

 A miraculous and unexpected gift was bestowed upon my husband and I a few years ago when we experienced meeting an Albino baby Gray Whale, 'Kamio' in a birthing lagoon in Baja, Mexico.  This extremely rare and extraordinary experience is tied to what I refer to as the 'Codes of the White' which is connected to White Buffalo Calf Woman and her prophesy of the times we are living in now.  

It is through my deepest passion and ecstatic joy, that I share these keys of creation. 

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