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Welcome to Joyful Journey to Ecstatic Birth!

Hi, I'm Beth,


I'm so excited to share this information with you! Trusting that these keys will act as helpful stepping stones toward the fulfillment of your dreams, including the conception of your beautiful baby!  




Do you have a desire to conceive a baby?  Have you been trying for some time and month after month you discover you’re still not pregnant?


Maybe you've tried various types of fertility protocols, detoxes, IVF, changes to your diet or perhaps experiencing unexplained infertility?


No matter what the reason...  if you have a dream to bring through a baby, your manifested desire is on the way!

I’d like to share an effective and empowered way to move toward the fulfillment of your desire.


You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. It’s the way in which this reality operates and if we can understand it’s inner workings, then we can reap the benefits of it working on our behalf. Let’s dive in...


If you continue to focus on what is missing in your life and noticing every day that it hasn’t shown up, unknowingly, you are creating the opposite of what you really desire. Therefore, preventing it or delaying it from coming in.


You may have heard many times, ‘you create your own reality’. But what does that really mean? How can I empower myself to create what I truly desire... the conception of my baby?


Thoughts create; and the thoughts we think are powerful.

Simply put, you get what you think about.


Let’s take a look at this simple truth. Whatever you are focusing your attention on is what you are drawing to you. When you focus on the absence of your baby and notice that your baby isn’t here yet, this actually attracts in the ‘absence of baby’.


That’s why there’s so many cases that we have all heard of where a couple may have been trying to conceive for years on end and have seemingly exhausted all their options. But then, perhaps they either decide to adopt or stop trying to have a baby all together... and Voilá!

They discover they’re pregnant!


They simply shifted their focus away from ‘trying’ to conceive and turned their attention to a different subject. This resulted in releasing all their resistance, which allowed baby in. Amazing isn’t it?


When you take your focus off the 'absence' of something wanted and instead, focus on a different subject that feels good, the resistance that was originally blocking it from coming in is freed up and it can now flow freely into your life.


As you do your part and deliberately create a state of well-being within, you’ll become better and better at finding the steady place of ‘feeling good’. Joy is the Key!


This doesn’t mean that you will not experience contrast in your life; but rather, when you do experience it, you can view it as a gift. It shows you clearly what you don’t want and it gives you great clarity of what you really do want to create in your life. Without contrast, you wouldn’t know what you really prefer!


We live in a vibrational universe and we are vibrational beings.

When you maintain feeling good as consistently as possible, vibrationally you are in the same bubble, so to speak, that your baby exists in energetically and in the absence of resistance, the doorway opens up for you to Receive so you can Conceive!



Find the sweet spot and ride the wave


  • Quiet the mind with meditation~When you quiet the mind you release resistance and when you release resistance your vibration rises. When your vibration rises, this aligns you with your desires, including the manifestation of your baby.

  • Emotions are your Barometer~ Paying close attention to your emotions is important. Emotions indicate to you where you sit relative to your Alignment. If you’re feeling negative emotion, you’re moving further away from it and if you’re feeling good, you’re moving closer.

  • Embrace contrast~ Contrast is your friend. It shows you clearly what you don’t want in your life which helps you gain clarity around what you actually do want.

  • Stop telling the story~ This only perpetuates, magnifies and creates more of what you don’t want. When you focus on what exists, it persists!

  • Shift your thoughts~Take your focus off what’s not working and shift your thoughts to a subject that feels better.

  • Reach towards your best feeling thoughts~ Find a thought that gives you some relief. When you do this, your thoughts will gain momentum and you will attract in more good feeling thoughts.

  • Do simple things that bring you joy~ Pet your cat, get out in nature, take a hot bath...

  • Momentum~Your thoughts gain momentum the more you think them. The law of attraction will bring you exactly what you place your focus on and will magnify it. Wanted or unwanted. Focus your attention and thoughts toward subjects that feel good to you and if some negative thoughts creep in, take a nap or meditate and follow the steps above to regain your balance

  • Believe! ‘Bee-lieve’ When you are able to stay in that sweet spot of well-being more and more consistently, you’ll begin to see things shift and get better in your life and you’ll begin to trust the process. By believing, disempowering beliefs begin to dissolve, doubt disappears and you are filled with hope which turns into bee-lieving and then into knowing. In this place of knowing, there is no resistance and it’s where the manifestation of conceiving your baby is possible. Scientists have no explanation as to how bees are able to fly. According to physics their bodies weigh more than their tiny wings can carry... Yet they fly! Bees Defy the laws of physics, reminding us that ALL things are possible, if we can just bee-lieve! Their message is a sweet one... to savor the nectar and extract the sweetness of life!


When you are in that place of satisfaction, well-being and Joy, you are lined up vibrationally to that very thing you are wanting to manifest into your life! So find that sweet spot & ride the wave.

When you loose your balance and you fall off your board, you can apply the simple practices and get yourself back up and catch the next wave in!

As you get more and more practiced at staying in that sweet spot, not only do the things you’ve been wanting to manifest start showing up, but the way you feel and the details of your life just get better and better.

You feel alive, inspired & on purpose... experiencing the Greatest version of you! There’s no greater gift you can give your Baby To-Be!


With daily implementation of simple practices, tools and essential keys, as well as the understanding of how the Law of Attraction works, you will be empowered to fulfill the manifestation of your long-awaited dream... to conceive and birth your beautiful baby!


I am here to support your next steps!

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I would be honored to work with you toward actualizing your dream into reality!

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In Joy,


Beth Keough

Mindset Mentor • Conscious Conception Coach • Joyful Journey Global Retreat Facilitator 


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