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REBORN FROM THE FIRE...  From Fear To Freedom
Gray Whale Baja Retreat
Facilitated by Beth Keough and the Beloved Whales!
 March 4~11, 2024
San Ignacio Lagoon Baja, Mexico

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As our world traverses troubling times,  we have individually and collectively, 'stepped into the fire'.  A POWERFUL PASSAGE! 


As we emerge from the fire and ash, we rise like the Phoenix... and are REBORN....  liberating ourselves from the chaos and fear and enter a new place of balance and FREEDOM!


The Gray whales are sending a Clarion call...  Are you feeling it?

This is our 4th time returning to Baja.  This journey will take us to San Ignacio Lagoon, in Baja MX.


 The word 'Ignacio' means, 'Reborn From The Fire'

These challenging times we've been faced with, may very well be considered some of our most difficult.

This retreat provides you with simple tools, practices and teachings that inspire you to move from a state of fear and self imposed  limitation, to Self Empowerment and Freedom.  The whales are the true Ambassadors of the heart and just being in their presence, will open you up to likely the  the most profound  love you may have ever experienced in your entire life.  Honestly, words just fall short when trying to convey this extraordinarily powerful experience.   This Retreat gives you an opportunity to birth the greatest version of yourself and your most joyous life!!  

the gray whales ~ san ignacio lagoon

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IMG_2171 (4)

Our Journey Begins

Imagine yourself arriving at our serene whale camp in San Ignacio Lagoon, you take your first steps out of the van and onto the beach.  Your senses heighten as you take in the scents and sounds of the beautiful ocean.  You've arrived!  A flock of birds soar gently overhead, bidding you hello.

Your anticipation heightens as peer out over the waters edge.  To your surprise, out in the distance you see an enormous gray whale breaching out of the water!  It takes your breath away... "So Beautiful!" you say aloud, as the sun's reflections gently glisten and dance upon the water.


This is one of those special moments in your life when a knowing washes over you...  everything aligns and you realize that you are at the right place at the perfect time and this is just the beginning!

Gentle Giants

IMG_2146 (2).jpg

When you find yourself eye to eye with a whale, the feeling is indescribable and before you realize it, tears have filled your eyes and your heart has blasted wide open!!!   


The whales literally swim right up to the boats.  With just a reach of your hand, you can touch, hug and kiss these incredible Beings!!  Sometimes a mama whale will swim under their calf and lift her baby directly up to the boat, offering it up so everyone can meet and greet her baby!  This is the most profound act of trust that I have ever witnessed!  


These gentle giants love playing and interacting with us!  They emit such an enormous field of unconditional love and JOY, Imparting a priceless gift...  The keys to unlock our hearts.  Finally discovering what it means to open fully to Love!

The Baja Sur in Mexico holds such a unique offering... it is the only location in the world where these friendly whales willingly and eagerly seek out  interaction with humans, up close and personal in their own natural environment. 


Serene San Ignacio Lagoon can have up to over 500 migrating Gray Whales in it at one time!  Here, the whales come to play, conceive and birth their precious young.   

Meet Kamio
White Albino Gray Whale


Beth and her husband 1st met Kamio as a baby in a birthing lagoon in Baja, March 2017


Beth was guided by Kamio to bring a group to Baja, March 2022 and guess who showed up Full Grown.... You guessed it!  Kamio!

The White Rainbow up appeared the morning after Kamio showed up.

Six years ago, Beth and her husband Shin were guided to go to Baja Mexico to be with the Gray Whales.  They acted on their Guidance and this is where a very special and rare encounter occurred on the Shiva Ratri!!  A beautiful baby White Albino gray whale showed up next to their boat all by herself.  No mama to be seen.  She surfaced just 3 times and as quickly as she had appeared, she was gone.  

It was a miraculous and powerful experience to say the least and brought them both to tears.  This was obviously the reason they had been called there.  Beth received the baby whale's name, Kamio, and was shown that she was a female.  Beth has continued a very strong and loving connection with Kamio and has received many messages from; her and the  Beloved whales.  

In September of 2021, Beth received Guidance from Kamio to bring a retreat group to Baja over the Shiva Ratri, to a different Lagoon where Beth had never been before.  She trusted her Guidance and a group of 15 people attended the retreat, March, 2022.  

Kamio hadn't been sighted in this particular Bay before, but the day before the Shiva Ratri, Kamio showed up, Full Grown, right next to the boat and swam directly under Beth's outreached arm for about 5 minutes and then departed!

Beth was beyond herself and was filled with more love than she had almost ever experienced in her life!  She began toning a chant immediately after this incredible encounter.

Beth was guided to draw a rainbow with her hand in the air, while saying, "Codes of the White Rainbow", over and over.  Miraculously, the next morning when the group went out to get on the boats to see more whales, there appeared in the sky, just over the water, the most beautiful White Rainbow!  A profound message and gift to all of humanity delivered from Kamio!


MEANING OF THE WHITE RAINBOW:  (Related to White Buffalo Calf Woman Prophesy)

The colors of the rainbow symbolize all the different races, colors and religions of humanity across the planet.  When people move beyond judgement and embrace each individual's differences and accept one another in unconditional love.... we unite as One.


So, when we mix all the colors of the rainbow together, what happens when they are blended together? 

We get the color WHITE!  

And what color is Kamio?  WHITE!

And what color was the rainbow that showed up after Kamio's visit?  WHITE!

This retreat is most definitely inspired and Guided by our Beloved Kamio.  She is leading us 'Out of the fire' and into our hearts!  From Fear to Love!  And the whales are standing by, ready to lead us steadily into our hearts... which is the only passageway to LOVE

Who is being called to join us?


Eco Friendly 
Whale Camp


IMG_2185 (1)_edited_edited.png

After a day full of surprises and miracles, Imagine yourself, relaxing in your cabin, as you gaze out at the Lagoon, witnessing the sun slowly making its way toward the horizon.  You drink in this magical moment, realizing you haven't felt this nourished and peaceful for a very long time.   

We will be staying 4 nights in beach front cabins (double occupancy) that have beautiful views of the Lagoon.  Each cabin is equipped with a shared bathroom, a hot water shower, as well as an odorless sawdust composting toilet.  

           Glamping at its best!!

Delectable Delights
Red Chili Pepper

Picture yourself waking up to a spectacular vista of the sunrise, calm ocean waters and the smell of fresh coffee and tea brewing.  Enjoying the suns gentle rays warming up the day as you choose your favorite option of Baja's traditional homemade breakfast made especially for you at our very own Whale Camp kitchen.


Beautiful meals will be prepared, sure to please everyone's palate. 

Dietary restrictions?  No problem.

The chefs can accommodate all types of eating.

Relax, unwind, dine and share your adventures from the day with your new friends.


Fear to Freedom

Life Enhancing Practices and Teachings



Since early childhood, Beth has had an intimate connection with the beautiful whales and dolphins, allowing her to be the Voice for these magnifecent Beings. Their powerful yet loving transmissions genuinely support our individual and collective journey of Awakening.

During our time together, Beth will share simple teachings that empower you to create your own reality and the life of your dreams.   Stepping out of the old behaviors and patterns that can sabatage your best efforts.  Getting beyond the limited self!

We'll gather together each day to apply and integrate simple practices, that include breath work, meditation and essential keys for Deliberate Creation. 

With the loving presence of the whales, you'll experience a new found state of well-being, alignment, balance and freedom!


Beth will bring forth channeled messages and Activations from the Whales, assisting each with their individual integration process, expansion and healing. 


We will circle up for a special cocoa ceremony.  Cocoa is a gentle heart opener that allows you to drop into yourself in a deeper way, supporting your own unique intention on your journey.  

As our whale tribe gathers, we'll share and witness each other in a place of authenticity, vulnerability and love. 

As the Beloved whales sing to you their Ancient songs, the songs of remembrance.... Their gift is one of activation and awakening. A deep knowing  has laid dormant in you for so long. A stirring quickens from within.  A gentle whisper arises... your heart listening to the sound that reveals the hidden Truth.  You Realize this melody is a language,  A key, that unlocks your Sacred Heart and sets you FREE!  

You'll fly into Loreto Mexico and catch a taxi to our hotel in Loreto. We'll enjoy a lovely dinner together, meeting and greeting the beautiful tribe family who has gathered for this AMAZING Journey!


Interested in joining us?

Lets Chat!


REBORN FROM THE FIRE.... From Fear to Freedom

Gray Whale Retreat

March 4-11, 2024

Early Bird Price $2995 (Through November 11)

Full Retreat Price $3395 (From November 11- January 15)

*Double Occupancy

*All Final payments due by January 15, 2024

Confirm your space now with a deposit or Pay In Full

 ALL payments are non-refundable

Gray Whale Trip Deposit* 

Deposit- $750 non-refundable

Gray Whale Early Bird Deposit* $750 non-refundable

*If you choose this option, you must contact Beth immediately to set up a payment plan

Gray Whale Early Bird Price-Pay in Full $2995

Gray Whale Full Retreat Price-Pay in Full $3395

All payments non-refundable

Are you a full body YES??!!
Then let's reserve your spot!


Retreat Includes:

  • All meals included with the exeption of 3 dinners, 2 lunch and 1 breakfast

  • 7 nights accomodations-2 nights Loreto Hotel, 4 nights  Whale Camp- 1 luxury hotel in Loreto

  • Shuttle van transport from Loreto to San Ignacio Lagoon/From San Ignacio to Loreto

  • 1 Blue Whale tour Sea of Cortez*

  • 3 days gray whale watching 6 Whale boat trips* 

  • All Beth's teachings, whale messages and transmissions, practices, meditations and Cocoa Ceremony throughout retreat 


  • Flights to and from Loreto

  • 2 dinners, 1 lunch and 1 breakfast

  • Upon arrival, a  cab ride from the Loreto airport to hotel- Upon departure,  a  cab ride from the Luxury Hotel in Loreto to the airport

  • TIPS:  for Shuttle Van Drivers to and from whale camp, Tips for Boat Drivers- given to them directly at the conclusion of the final whale boat excursion, Tips for the Camp Staff (this includes the chef and waitstaff at restaurant etc. given at end of retreat)  A Tip for the Maids at hotels

  • Any additional days a retreat member chooses to stay before or after retreat

  • Spending money for souvenirs, shopping, additional snacks

  • Alcoholic beverages

  •  Travel Insurance and Trip cancelation insurance is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.  World Nomad Travel Insurance is highly recommended

*All boat tours are weather permitting, Retreat Leader reserves the right to adjusted/change the itinerary at any time at their discretion



  • Registration deposits (minus $100 USD re-listing fee) are transferable to another attendee found and assigned by original attendee.

  • Full balance due 1 month and 17 days before Retreat start date

  • No refunds given

No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur.  We strongly suggest purchasing travel insurance and it is your responsibility to read and fully understand our cancellation policies.  Exceptions can not be made.  Including weather, injury, illness or personal emergencies.  No refunds or credits for failure to attend or failure to complete the retreat or for arriving late or leaving early.  We strongly recommend you purchase your own travel insurance.  We encourage you to purchase trip cancellation insurance in order that your trip fees will be covered should you or your family have a medical problem, prior to your trip or while on your trip.  Trip insurance should also be purchased to cover medical expenses in the event you have an accident while on the retreat.  Most travel insurance must be purchased within 14 days of making your reservation.  We reserve the right to cancel retreats with inadequate participant interest, in which the monies paid toward the retreat are transferable to the rescheduled retreat.  Joyful Journeys LLC can not be held responsible for any personal expenses, such as airline tickets due to changes in itineraries or Retreat Cancellations.

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